How to Wrap Christmas Gifts Like a Pro

wrap christmas gifts like a pro

The Easy Way to Wrap Christmas Gifts in Style.

Once you’ve got the perfect present sorted it is time to wrap them. But how do you wrap Christmas gifts like a professional? From the oddly shaped presents, to attempting to hold down wrap while simultaneously cutting sellotape and drinking eggnog, let’s say it can be a bit of a nightmare. Despite your best intentions the result can often be a brilliant gift hidden under some rather disappointing wrapping.

But never fear, wrapping Christmas gifts does not have to be a chore.

In fact, we’ve got a few simple tips to follow that will have your wrapping like a pro in no time at all.

Top Tips to Wrap Christmas Gifts.

1. Choose a good quality wrapping paper.

Cheaper gift wraps are a great way to save money but they usually use a thinner paper weight. The thinner paper has two main drawbacks, which make achieving a professional finish much harder. First, thinner paper is very easy to rip; secondly, some papers are so thin you can even see your present through the paper … goodbye any hope of a Christmas surprise!

2. Cut your gift wrap to the right size. 

Your Christmas paper needs to wrap around your present with approximately a 1 inch (2.5cm) overlap. At the sides the paper needs to come to just over the halfway mark. To be super professional you should also add a little extra to any edge you cut so you can fold under the cut edge; hiding any jagged edges or scissor marks.

3. Fold, Crease and Align.  

As you fold your paper round your gift create sharp creases at the folds; this will give you a sharp, flat finish without any lumps or bumps. For an extra touch of professional wrapping align the edge of your paper with an edge of your gift.

4. Use double-sided sticky tape. 

The gift wrapping pros don’t let sellotape show, so for truly excellent gift wrapping you need to use double-sided sticky tape to seal the edges of your paper. Try to use long pieces so your paper sticks securely.

5. Tag & Tie. 

Finish your gift wrapping with a gift tag (avoids present delivery confusion) and ribbons or a bow for an extra flourish of style.

That’s it. 5 simple tips to get your gift wrapping like a pro.

If you’re ready to wrap, check out the lovely Christmas gift wrap on offer at Caroline Gardner (like the cool Christmas tree print shown at the top of the post).

& if you want more more guidance, check out the videos below for more gift wrapping tips and tricks.

Visual Gift Wrapping Inspiration.

Paper Guru’s ‘How to Wrap 10 Tricky Christmas Gift Shapes’.

What’s Up Moms ‘DIY Gift Wrap Ideas (+ How to Make a Perfect Bow).

Paper Guru’s ‘Japanese Department Store Style Gift Wrapping’ (aka Diagonal Wrapping).

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