Stationery Gift Ideas

Stylish Stationery Gifts for a Happy & Fun Creative Life

Give the Gift of Creativity with Stylish Stationery Gifts.

Not sure what gift to buy for the creative person in your life? For the creative mind stylish stationery gifts offer endless possibilities; starting with inspiration and the freedom to create.

Writers, artists and creative folks aren’t always the easiest people to buy gifts.

If you’re not creative yourself the artistic world can be a series of unknown avenues and wrong turns. Even when you know your stuff you can’t always be sure that your friends and family will like what you like.

So what do you do? Well, you could always take a little sideways cheat with stationery gifts.

Stationery gifts such as notebooks, journals, pens and paints offer the opportunity of creativity. Your loved ones can unleash their creative side and write a book, doodle, sketch what they see. The possibilities are endless and you can encourage them to do what they love.

Need some inspiration? Here’s our pick of top stationery gifts, hand-picked from the Piccadilly Lane community.

‘Perivale’ Notebook. £3.00 from Pennychoo.

With its handy A6 size and 40 blank pages, this mini notebook is the perfect pick for the artist on the go. Carry anywhere ready for doodling, drawing and jotting down inspiration. Creative folks will also appreciate the vintage vibe of the cover design.

perivale notebook

Geometric Pencil Case and Gift Boxed Pen. £12.00 and £10.00 respectively from Caroline Gardner.

Creative fans of prints and patterns will love Caroline Gardner’s geometric collection. The collection has an array of goodies every creative fan will adore including this smart, stylish pencil case to store all your pens, pencils and markers. Add in the matching gift boxed pen, and you’ve got a bonus gift that will allow your artistic friends to unleash their creativity with ease.

stationery gifts - geo print pencil case

caroline gardner geometric pen

‘Fairy Tales’ Spiral Bound Notebook. £3.95 from Always Sparkle.

What better place for a writer to keep track of all their story ideas than this fantastic spiral bound notebook. Each book is available in both A5 and A6 sizes, ideal for home and travel, ensuring no good idea will ever be lost again.


‘Wilderness’ Badger Jotter. £2.50 from Rocket68.

Creative friends can never be short of jotters. The perfect mini stationery gift that will allow them to follow their passion wherever they go. Great for making notes, lists or doodling little sketches, we love this Badger design from Rocket68’s wilderness collection.


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Super Sweet Gifts for Kids Guaranteed to Delight

A Quick Look at 4 Sweet Gifts for Kids.

Whether you’re shopping for a new baby or for older kids that are toddling, walking and talking the indie shops featured in the Piccadilly Lane community have a wonderful array of super sweet gifts for kids. Designs that are fun, bright and perfect for a younger audience.

In today’s post we’re taking a very quick look at 4 quick gift ideas that offer something new and exciting for little ones. Presents that will brighten their bedroom, add inspiration to their playrooms and help them dream big and have fun.

Tiger Print. £15.00 from Rocket68 Cards.

This ‘Tiger Print’ animal illustration mixes a cool character kids will love with a retro style that adults won’t mind hanging in their homes. Choose from 4 cute animals: Tiger, Lion, Tortoise and Bear to make sure your little one has their favourite animal pal. Each A3-sized art print can also be personalised on request. Simply contact founder & Illustrator Jill White via the Rocket68 website for more information.

1446493879-Tiger print photo

Lockable Bear Journal. £7.98 from Peel and Sardine.

A super sweet illustrated journal for children to fill with their thoughts, dreams and wishes. It’s handy lock and key ensures that all their secrets stay safe and secure from the potentially prying eyes of their siblings! The collection also has Fairy Princess and Floral designs for non-bear fans. A cool mini gift for creative-minded kids.

Lockable Bear Journal 460 x 350

Multi-Coloured LED Star Light. £49.50 from Hello Pearl.

Any little one can feel like a superstar with this fabulous multi-coloured star light. A quick and easy way to add the wow factor to a child’s bedroom or playroom, which they’ll love showing off to their friends. Whether they want to be the next singing sensation or an adventurous astronaut this is a gift idea that will have them reaching for the stars in everything that they do.


Inspirational Art Print. £23.95 from Always Sparkle.

With its bright pink background and inspirational words little girls (big and small) will love the ‘Dreams’ typographic print from Always Sparkle. One of a series of ‘Paper Smiles Prints’, which also includes both neutral and male-themed inspirational artwork. This is a unique gift idea that can encourage little ones to read and inspire as they grow.

Inspirational Art Print


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Get Inspired with Gift Ideas for Glamorous Girls

Don’t Panic! Gift Ideas for Glamorous Girls Are Here.

Stuck for what to buy? In need of some gift ideas for glamorous girls? Never fear, you’ve come to the right place.

Glamorous ladies aren’t always the easiest people to buy gifts for, especially if you really don’t know about all things girly, pretty and luxurious. With this in mind, we’ve explored the Piccadilly Lane directory to come up with a few quick gift options for you.

Each of our gift ideas for glamorous girls combine unique design and high quality craftsmanship; everything that the super glamorous like to see in the world around them.

So without further ado. let’s browse the gift ideas.

Pomegranate Scented Candle. £24.00 from Caroline Gardner.

Glamorous ladies love to be surrounded by beautiful scents and nothing could be better than this Pomegranate candle, with its rich, fruity aroma created by a mix of the finest fragrance oils.

Caroline Gardner pomegranate candle

Blessing of Unicorns Velvet Cushion. £95.00 from Sky Siouki.

It’s easy to add a touch of elegance to any home with the help of the right soft furnishings. Surround your glam girl with the luxury textiles of Sky Siouki to get this effect in one easy step.

blessing of unicorns velvet cushion

‘Bloomsbury’ Mid-Century Styled Retro Notebook. £3.00 from Pennychoo.

Style doesn’t have to be expensive, but a glamorous girl likes to be surrounded by quality design everyday. This vintage-style notebook is an easy way to add a little style to any day and at just £3.00, it’s one of those gift ideas for glamorous girls that is a perfect mini gift.


‘Collective noun’ Tote Bag. £15.00 from Perkins & Morley

For glamorous ladies every shopping trip is done in style. No 5p plastic bags will do when you could have a bright and fun tote bag for every shopping trip.

1446295128-J2CNB collective noun tote bag

‘Wonderful Memories’ large keepsake tin. £15.98 from Peel and Sardine.

For ladies of luxury it’s not enough to store bits and bobs in an old shoe box or tupperware, you need instead a beautiful keepsake tin. The glamorous way to keep all those special & chic mementoes safe.

wonderful memories large keepsake tin

Quilted Sunflower Handmade Zipper Pouch. £22.50 from Valerie Valerie.

From a quick weekend jaunt to a 2 week holiday every glamorous girl needs to maintain their style no matter where they travel. This gorgeous Sunflower Pouch is the perfect way for ladies to keep all their bits and bobs safe and secure home and away. Adding elegance to the task, this Pouch has been handmade with a stunning Sunflower decoration; a finishing touch glam ones will adore.

Quilted Sunflower Handmade Zipper pouch

Geo Print Lavender Bag. £10.95 from Laura Felicity Design.

With their on-trend geometric prints, Laura Felicity Design’s lavender bags are the only way to keep the well-dressed wardrobe feeling fresh. A cute gift idea that will add the beautiful aroma of lavender to your glam girls much-loved wardrobe.

1436799673-Laura Felicity Design, Geo 1 Lavender Bag

Calf Suede Clutch Bag. £54.00 from Hello Pearl.

Available in deep pink, navy blue (with navy or deep pink tassel), grey, teal or coral. Our last pick is this stunning clutch bag, because what gift ideas for glamorous girls pick would be complete without stylish accessories. An easy to remember rule for stylish ladies … they love accessories!

gift ideas for glamorous girls

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You Can Stop the Search for Retro Stationery Immediately

Pennychoo Launches New Retro Stationery Set.

Pennychoo have recently unveiled new retro stationery collection, Metroland.  Featuring six stylish notebooks, specially designed for the discerning vintage lover.

The range features striking 1950’s atomic patterns. Reflecting British design’s post-war fascination with all things scientific and space age. Each notebook cover has next been carefully distressed to give a worn look, perfect for the vintage connoisseur.

Pennychoo have continued the impeccable attention to detail found in all of their greeting cards into this new stationery range. Each notebook features a sturdy cover of heavyweight, warm white board and 40 pages of plain paper. Utilising FSC Certified paper stocks that are kinder on the environment.

A handy purchase for any retro stationery fan, the Metroland notebooks are A6 in size; an ideal fit for a small bag or pocket. Perfect for jotting, drawing and getting creative on the go!

The notebooks, priced at just £3.00 each are available in 6 stunning designs: Bloomsbury, Perivale, Pimlico, Metropolitan, Hampstead and Fitzrovia. The perfect choice for the mid-century enthusiast who favours pen and paper to new fangled gadgets and gizmos.

See them featured right here in the Pennychoo in the Piccadilly Lane directory then head over to Pennychoo to snap up your favourite design (or all six) before they’re gone.

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9 of The Best Back to School Essentials

Don’t Let School Start Without These Back to School Essentials.

It’s the time educational thoughts and new school terms take a firmer hold on our days, and so today we’ve been scouring Piccadilly Lane for bright, brilliant and inspirational gifts. Exploring our community of independent designers and shops we’ve collected a top ten of ‘back to school’ essentials.


1. Forget Me Not Magnetic Noticeboard from Sorella, £59.00

It doesn’t matter whether you’re facing a first term at primary school, sixth form or university, there will always be plenty off things to remember. PE kits, exam dates and course deadlines can easily be kept in mind with this simple, yet stylish Forget Me Not Magnetic Noticeboard from Sorella.

Oscar Wilde Mug by Cole of London
2. Oscar Wilde Mug by Cole of London, £10.00

Start the learning early each morning with a Cole of London mug. Decorated with inspiring quotes and interesting facts from the great and the good of history, science and literature. We love this Oscar Wilde Mug for “thinking while drinking”.


3. Page One Notebook from Karenza Paperie, £7.00

A stylish notebook if a must-have and we love these Page One Notebooks from Karenza Paperie. High quality notebooks in cool grey and your choice of contrasting bright colour.


4. Patterned Pencil Set by Caroline Gardner, £8.85

Once you’ve got the notebook sorted it’s on to other stationery essentials. The Caroline Gardner collection has a wonderful array of exercise books, sticky notes and pens, but we just love this Patterned Pencil Set with funky Caroline Gardner prints.


5. Embroidered Felt Pencil Case by SewLomax, £16.00

The perfect storage for all your school supplies can be found in the SewLomax shop. Their new collection of bags and accessories has three fantastic pencil case designs for kids of all ages. We adore this Embroidered Felt Pencil Case with funky stitched design and contrasting fuschia zip.

Music Glasses Case by Which Glasses Are Which

6. Music Glasses Case by Which Glasses Are Which?, £9.95

Nowhere is a glasses case more essential than in a backpack crammed with books, stationery, PE kits and lunch. With bespoke designs for music, reading and driving, Glasses Cases by Which Glasses are Which? are a great way to stay organised and keep glasses safe during the hectic school term.


childrens-puppy-birthday-card by Studio Seed

7. Children’s Greeting Cards by Studio Seed, £2.50

Although we can’t predict the future, we’re pretty sure that a school term will bring countless kids birthday parties. Stay ahead of the game by stockpiling a few fun greeting cards from Studio Seed’s Carnival Children’s Range.


8. Imagination Art Print by Coulson Macleod, £15.00

Now we probably shouldn’t be saying that knowledge isn’t important but we do love the power of imagination! For kids more suited to the creative life than the academic we love this Coulson Macloed ‘Imagination’ print.


9. My Favourite Things Keepsake Tin by Peel and Sardine, £16.99

Our last ‘back to school’ pick is this delightful My Favourite Things Keepsake Tin from Peel and Sardine. The sturdy construction, big size and bright illustration makes it a perfect place to store school day treasures. Great for the safe storage of all your school day memories from first drawings and exercise books to certificates and photos.

Now you’ve seen our list, we want to hear from you. What are your school day essentials? Leave us a comment below!

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