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3 Fantastic Reasons to Support Small Business Saturday

Why We’re Supporting Small Business Saturday & Why You Should Too.

Along with the upcoming festivities, there’s another special occasion just around the corner, Small Business Saturday. Here at Piccadilly Lane we’re very proud to help spread the word and support the cause.

Piccadilly Lane was launched with the aim to showcase the very best independent businesses in the greeting card and gift world, so we’re naturally very fond of any initiative that is in line with our mission.

Small Business Saturday operates on 2 consecutive Saturday’s here in the UK and across the pond in the United States. The USA is first with its #ShopSmall initiative falling on Saturday 26th November. This is followed on the Saturday 3rd December by the UK-based events.

As we’ve recently added our first USA-based indie, Night Owl Paper Goods, to the Piccadilly Lane directory, we’ll be supporting both events and sharing our favourite indies both here in the UK and stateside.

Why It’s Important to Support Small Business Saturday Wherever You Are.

1. From Little Acorns.

In small businesses you’ll find the designers, makers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. You’ll get a unique opportunity to see and support a business at the start of its journey. Quite simply you’re helping to support someone’s dreams. Small businesses start from the vision of a few; an entrepreneur that wants to share their products, skills or knowledge; a family passionate about an industry or craft. By supporting small business we help those individuals to grow a business they love and add a valuable service to their community.

2. Variety is the Spice of Life.

To be completely honest there are plenty of big, established businesses that we love. We all have our high street and online favourites but, and it’s a big but … we don’t want those shops to be the only ones to succeed. We don’t want big shops to be our only option. We like variety! We want to find the small gems, the quirky little boutiques that can offer us something different, something unique. On every high street across the land we want to be able to explore a unique selection of small businesses bringing us variety. How boring would the world be if it was just the same big shops repeating again and again! In the online world we want the same eclectic mix and it’s this varied mix of online boutiques that we want to discover and unite right here on Piccadilly Lane.

3. The Personal Touch.

We may very well be biased but we happen to think that small businesses go that extra mile for their customers. They’ve invested heart and soul in what they do and this gives a fantastic personal touch that you don’t get with bigger chains.

Indies online and those showcased in the Piccadilly Lane directory are dedicated to providing the best products and the best service to you and we know they’re not alone, small businesses in the UK & worldwide excel in the personal touch and delivering the best.

These 3 reasons might be simple and straightforward, but we hope you’ll agree they are very good reasons to support independent businesses and shop small, not just today but always. Shop from independents now!

Small Business Saturday Dates for Your Diary.

Small Business Saturday USA – 26th November 2016.

Small Business Saturday UK – 3rd December 2016.

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How to Have Yourself An Independent Christmas

Have an Independent Christmas & support small business this holiday season.

Here at Piccadilly Lane we LOVE independent websites.

Where else can you find independent designers and makers offering a unique shopping experience?

This Christmas we want you to step away from the supermarkets, ditch the big chains and discover the independent shops on your high street and in your web browser.

Step away from the crowd swarming to the same Christmas stuff and discover something new.

By shopping small and having yourself an independent Christmas you can bring a fresh look to your festive season. You can introduce your friends and family to cool designers and creative makers. You can send high quality Christmas cards and unique Christmas gifts. You can buy direct from the designers and help small businesses flourish.

That’s great gifts for your loved ones and a warm, fuzzy glow for you.

independent christmas shopping challenge

Will you take on the Independent Christmas challenge?

With 6 weeks till Christmas, we want to add a little fun to the long shopping season. We’ve got 3 challenges to get you thinking & shopping indie. Which one will you take on?

Challenge #1 ~ Pledge £20. 

Spend £20 at independent websites or your local independent shops. We know it’s not always easy to shop where you want. But even spending a portion of your Christmas budget can help indie businesses survive.

Challenge # 2 ~ Go 50/50.

Need more of a challenge? If spending £20 at independents seems easy-peasy why not take on the 50/50 challenge. For every Christmas card, gift or festive necessity you buy at a big store or supermarket buy your next item from an independent.

Challenge # 3 ~ All in … 100%.

This is for the hardcore small business supporters! Challenge yourself to go 100% independent this Christmas. Buy all of your greetings cards, Christmas gifts, food and decorations from independent stores and indie websites.

There’s lots of lovely Independent Christmas experiences to be had.

If you love the idea of an independent Christmas but are worried how you’ll make it happen do not fear!

Here on Piccadilly Lane we’ll be sharing gift guides and product picks to all the best independent shops.

& we’re not the only ones shining a light on independent shopping this festive season.

Once again the Indie Xmas Campaign will be showcasing indie businesses across the UK. Pointing the way to amazing indie shops on your doorstep. You can check out their local indie shops directory if you’re stuck for where to shop.

December 3rd will see the return of Small Business Saturday here in the UK. Add the date to your diary and keep your eyes peeled locally and online for great offers from small businesses. For indie fans in the USA the American Small Business Saturday #ShopSmall campaign runs a little earlier on Saturday 26th November.

Last but not least don’t forget My Independent Bookshop for your Christmas books. Get the latest bestseller or this year’s must-have biography AND support an independent bookstore.

For independent Christmas inspiration and to share you challenge success follow us on twitter @piccadillylane and use #ShopIndie in your tweets.

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FREE Guide! Best of the Indie Web

Discover the Best of the Indie Web.

Constantly on a mission to find the best and brightest of the indie shopping scene we’ve recently updated our FREE guide to the ‘Best of the Indie Web’.

The new guide contains:

~ An A-Z of Indie Shops you should check out today.

~ Reasons to #ShopIndie from the independent sellers.

~ An ‘Indie Picks’ feature with retro designer extraordinaire Sue Lee.

~ A closer look at the Piccadilly Lane mission to support independent businesses.

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Curious why you should be interested in the Best of the Indie Web?

We love indie businesses. Simple as that.

We believe in supporting and celebrating independents.

We believe our towns and cities are at their best when filled with unique, indie shops.

We believe the internet is a more interesting place when you find independent websites.

But don’t just take it from us! Here’s a sneak peek into the guide, asking the people behind some amazing indie brands … why shop indie?

“By shopping with independents, people can ensure that they are buying high quality, innovative products which directly support the people who do the making. A lot of the time, you won’t see these sort of products on the shelves of high street stores; having something a little different is as good a reason as any!”

Ed Povey, Place in Print.

‘It’s down to the customer service and getting the personal touch. Independent companies can now offer the same easy online shopping experience as the bigger companies so why wouldn’t you want to order from a place where you can feel more than just a number.’

Julie Laukee, Lente Designs.

“I think independents are the way forward. They keep the economy moving and local communities thriving. For every penny I make online I take it into our local community by shopping in my own independent and local stores.”

Nat Rigby, Thrashion.

“Vive la difference!”

Valerie Carr, Valerie Valerie.

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Welcome to the Piccadilly Lane Blog: All Things Indie

Welcome to the Piccadilly Lane blog, this is where we introduce you to new shops and designers; give you a glimpse of some stunning gift products, and generally sprinkle a little shopping inspiration.

But not any old gift will do ~ step away from the novelty socks ~ OK we admit it, at Piccadilly Lane we’re a bit obsessed with finding great cards and gifts. We’ve even set ourselves a mission ~ this version has added ‘behind the scenes’ note goodness just for the blog crowd.

The Piccadilly Lane Mission

To unite gift seekers with unique shops, and unique gifts from around the world.

Note: Nifty huh! Word of the day ~ unique!

One Destination

The internet is a pretty big place Piccadilly Lane aims to unite the best card and gift shops and studios from across the world in one easy-to-find location.

Note: We should probably point out that there are only so many hours in the day; we’ve got to finish reading Anna Karenina for book club, and we haven’t even started Mad Men season 5 yet. So, for practicality purposes we’re rolling this out country by country. We’re starting with the UK, ’cause we live here & speak the language, that sort of thing.

Genuine Recommendations

We will hand-pick all the shops on Piccadilly Lane, only ever showing shops, studios and products we genuinely like and trust.

Note: Hey, it’s only fair, we wouldn’t want rubbish recommendations. Bonus note to readers: Milky Way’s new Crispy Roll things are amazing!

Unique & Original

We love new, exciting and fresh designs, we will seek out shops and gifts with their own unique, original style.

Note: Not really much to add to this, what kind of people would we be if we didn’t like the new, the different, the exciting. OK, this philosophy may be influenced by ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ ~ doesn’t mean we’re not on to something.

Great Design. Great Quality. 

We’re design fans. We look for great design and great quality in all the products, shops and websites we pick.

Note: We like spending our days pointing at things saying “ooh that’s pretty / cool / odd “, even more than that we like prodding things and saying “ ooh that’s plush” . Don’t judge, it’s better than working for a bank; so says I, Charlotte, Ex-Bank Employee (don’t ask, I had no power, influence, or access to money).

Direct Dealing. 

Let’s keep it simple. Direct access between the gift seekers and the gift makers. You can always know exactly who designed your card or gift, and exactly what they’re about.

Note: Hmm, again this seems like a win-win situation, you & your shopping power have total control.

At Piccadilly Lane we love to explore the world in search of what’s new in gifts, greeting cards, stationery and much more. We’re industry experts, and we hand-pick the best of the web so you can find the perfect gifts for yourself, your friends, and your family. On a constant mission to broaden our horizons we seek out the world’s best boutiques, design studios, and online shops. We deliver inspiration every day to the stylish, savvy, shoppers.

So, that’s us, now you know what we’re about. Let’s get started exploring the world and discovering design-led, quality, unique cards and gifts.

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