Spreading Smiles: Thinking of You Week 2015 Has Arrived.

thinking of you week 2015

Spread Smiles to the Ones You Adore with Thinking of You Week 2015.

Piccadilly Lane’s card community is once again excited to be supporting Thinking of You Week 2015.

What’s ‘Thinking of You Week’ you ask?

Well, quite simply, it’s a special week dedicated to spreading a little joy.

Running from the 21st – 27th September, the event aims to show the emotional power of sending and receiving greeting cards.

It’s a way to step away from your computer, your work and your chores, so you can focus on connecting and re-connecting with the special people in your world.

It’s been scientifically proven that receiving a hand-written greeting card makes people feel more special than receiving instant texts, emails or Facebook messages.

So this is the perfect week to turn the science into action.

Use Thinking of You Week 2015 to connect with your friends and family to make them smile.

How You Can Get Involved in Thinking of You Week 2105.

Getting involved is super simple. Just send 7 cards across the week. That’s it!

The Piccadilly Lane residents are making it even more fun with a fabulous array of card designs perfect for the occasion.

Pop over to Love from Lemonade and you’ll get free delivery when you choose 7 cards from their super sweet illustrated collection.

Thinking of you Week Offer at Love From Lemonade

Or maybe you’ll choose one of the new “ready to personalise” Bubbles cards from Kali Stileman.

kali stileman bubbles cards

You might even want to add a little sparkle to the mix, with a handmade card from Five Dollar Shake.

Five Dollar Shake Cards

Whatever your taste, Thinking of You Week 2015 is a perfect time to stop what you’re doing and send some messages of fun, friendship and love.

So, don’t delay. Start picking the cards you want to send to the amazing people in your life.

Posted by Charlotte 14:51 21/09/15

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