3 Reasons Cole of London is the Thinking Person’s Gift Maker

1-2-3 Reasons We Love the Super Quirky (& Clever) Cole of London.

Gifts come in many shapes and sizes, but every now and then there’s presents that stand out from the crowd; the growing gift collection of Cole of London for example.

If you like your gifts with a touch of quirky and a lot of clever then the homeware gifts featured here are ones to watch.

Designed by London-based illustrator Sarah Cole, the gift collection brings history, literature and science to life. Famous faces of the past in a modern, contemporary range of mugs, coasters, tea towels and aprons.

Every item in the gift collection is decorated with illustrations of historical figures and is then finished with facts and quotes that will delight.

Impressing the thinkers, students and the curious souls in your life has never been easier than with a unique gift from the Cole of London collection.

& if this alone is not enough to convince you, here’s 3 top reasons to love Cole of London.


1. Great Design.

We LOVE the unique and quirky illustrations created by company founder Sarah Cole. Each illustration is full of character, the perfect style for some of the most impressive men and women of the past. But these illustrations aren’t stuck in the past, each portrait is brought hurtling into the present with a bright backdrop that makes the collection pop!

Cole of London Tudor Coaster Set


2. Think while you Drink.

The Cole of London gift collection is the perfect way to soak in knowledge as you sit back with your favourite brew. Whether you choose from histories favourite kings and queens, literary heroes or the smartest scientists; with Cole of London your head will soon be jam-packed with fun facts.

Cole of London Brontes Mug


3. Quality First.

Cole of London’s mugs are made from finest bone china; a super strong translucent material that has a bright white, shell-like sheen. The strength of bone china enables the Cole of London mugs to have thin lips, which we’re reliably informed makes your tea taste even better.

cole of london espresso cups


Like what you see?

Discover more about the thinking person’s gift maker on the Cole of London website.

Posted by Charlotte 14:49 24/06/13

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