A Look Behind the Scenes of Bubblegum

behind the scenes bubblegum

Behind the Scenes with Bubblegum.

This week’s ‘Inspiring Independents’ interview is a look behind the scenes of the super sweet indie business Bubblegum.

Specialising in “making balloons awesome” Bubblegum add fun and frivolity to every momentous occasion. We caught up with the company’s co-founder Sally Hodge who shared a sneak peek behind the scenes of the indie business.

What inspired you to start Bubblegum? When did you begin?

We began the business early 2013 and it came from the three of us having young kids and wanting to find something we can be passionate about, and that works with our lives. Balloons came up and the ideas just kept flowing!

What can you tell us about your indie business? What sets you apart from your corporate contemporaries?

Customer Service! We have exceptional customer service and we ensure our customer enjoys the experience of using us to decorate their parties. This sets us apart from others and as we are an independent business we can really closely monitor this and ensure we are always on top of our game.

What’s your role in the business? What’s your favourite things about your job / running an indie business?

I am one of the founders of Bubblegum and I cover Marketing as well as over seeing HR and Accounts, it’s busy but varied, which is probably what I love most, never a dull day!

Are there other people in your business? What can you tell us about the rest of the team?

We have a fantastic team, they are all very loyal and each employee knows the importance and value of their job within the company. It is important to us that they understand what their inout means and how much they are valued.

Here at Piccadilly Lane, we believe that independents offer an amazing combination of unique design and high quality. Do you agree? How do you ensure this happens at Bubblegum?

Yes I totally agree! Working on a smaller scale and being independent you get to really focus on the smaller detail in the quality and ensure your design reflects you as it should.

Your balloons have been spotted at a wide variety of parties and events. What’s been your favourite so far?

Erm, tough one there is a new favourite every week! I think highlights have been flying balloons over a pool in Venice and hanging balloons from a beautiful house, blowing out the windows … it looked amazing!

You currently specialise in awesome balloon gifts? What inspires you about this area? Do you have plans to extend your collection?

We are always growing our collection and constantly trying to better ourselves. We already have Xmas 2015, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day for 2016 nailed! We try to re-design the balloons regularly to keep the collection fresh and on trend.

Your products feature bright, pretty confetti and tassel tails. What can you tell us about the process of creating these designs?

It has taken a while for us to be happy with the range, we went through a few designs to get there. The range we now have covers most colour schemes and party ideas. We wanted to make it easy to buy off the shelf and our collection inspire ideas with our customers.

Your collection shows great attention to detail and quality. What can you tell us about creating a balloon gift or display?

Thank you very much! It is so easy to add to a theme or colour scheme with our balloons. Our gifts are subtle in their meaning and often give a cute or funny message. We always work with quality materials and spend time on making and re-making designs until we are 100% happy.

Why should people shop with you? What makes you different? Our products are high quality and our customer service is exceptional.

The bespoke service we offer means we can make our customers vision come to life.

We LOVE independents and think more people should be supporting them. Why do you think people should shop with independent businesses like yours?

I think the service and quality you get is better, your business is valued so much and that is reflected in what independents offer.

Last but not least, what’s your favourite independent business and why?

We work with some great independents it is very hard to choose! Early Hours Florists are fab, as are Buttons Parties and Dazzle and Fizz.

Thank you Sally.

You’ve read the interview, now check out the balloons! Visit the Bubblegum website.

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