Here Are The Best Indie Shops Recommended by Ella Goodwin

the best indie websites by ella goodwin

Ella Goodwin Shares Her Favourite Indie Picks.

Today’s post is a unique pick of favourite indie businesses chosen by fabulous illustrator Ella Goodwin. 

With a background in animation and costume, Ella’s work has a unique storytelling element. Inspired by nature, the power of making, folklore and Japanese culture, oh and cats, a lot of cats! Above all travel is the biggest motivator and inspiration, recent travels to Japan and its magical contrasts have left a lasting impression, which will continue to inspire until she revisits next May.

As well as prints and cards Ella diversifies her illustration onto homewares, jewellery, accessories and stationery. The gorgeous collection is made under the name Miss Ella, because she loves to make her illustration wearable as well as heartwarming.

Let’s take a look at Ella’s favourite independent designers, makers and shops.


I’ve been a long time fan of Jimbobart and his eclectic ceramics. I really admire the way he started out; working out how he could diversify his illustration into pieces that would sell with an affordable outlay. He also had a fabulous illustration of a cat in a dress in his shop so I was in. His eclectic designs are now seen everywhere from Liberty’s to the Southbank. The touching humour is so beautiful and he never seems to run out of ideas. I particularly love the new plates with the surface design covering the entirety of the ceramics framing the characters perfectly.


Geninne’s style has really come into its own. I love the way that she is always experimenting with materials and techniques yet always retains a very clear and refined style all of her own. Her blog is a wonder to explore as she is so generous with demonstrating her working process from start to finish. Her enchanting watercolours are so delicate and she perfectly transfers her style onto home made rubber stamps and leather too. It’s this experimentation which makes her such an interesting independent maker and designer.

Katriona Chapman

As an avid comic and zine fan I came across illustrator, Katriona Chapman when I read a review of her handmade illustrated book ‘Five’. Her ethereal style was a really refreshing in a sea of generic trends. She has recently published part two of Katzine, which I guzzled up. Katzine is about Katriona’s daily life and thoughts and is funny, heart-warming and inspiring. I particularly liked Part 1 where she speaks about how scared she was to put out the zine in case she hated it in a years time, boy could I relate to that. She certainly has nothing to worry about, the illustration is beautifully rendered and the quality of the handmade books sets them off to a tee.

Glory Days – Hoppers Yard, Holt, Norfolk.

Holt is a beautiful little town in North Norfolk. There are a few sweet shops, galleries and cafes but when I walked into Glory Days I was in heaven. Glory Days is run by Ruth Norway who is certainly no minimalist. The shop is brimming with candy coloured kitsch everywhere you look. Paper birds hang from the ceilings, giant ice creams adorn the walls, 50’s cabinets are jam packed full of all manner of cute, kitsch wonderfulness. So far I have bought 2 bright pink heart shaped bicycle baskets, pink plastic sheep, strings of flowery lights and concertina paper birds. Yes, all essentials. If you like kitsch flowery fabulousness this is the shop for you!

Norwich Gift Emporium – 22 Lower Goat Lane, Norwich, NR2 1EL.

Having recently celebrated their first birthday Norwich Gift Emporium is a one of kind Aladdin’s cave of craft and design in the centre of Norwich’s beautiful Lanes.  Individual traders rent a small space, which is curated by the wonderful manager Charis. Give yourself time when you go in there as there is a lot to take in and you don’t want to miss a thing! There is an incredible range of goods from contemporary street artists, illustrators, painters and photographers selling prints and cards, nimble fingered crafters sell intricate crochet, amigurumi and fine knitwear, yet more creative artists make illustrated jewellery as well as high end silver and beaded pieces. I could go on but the in short this shop if fast becoming a real gem. It’s also nestled amongst some amazing eateries such as the wonderland style Biddy’s Tea Room and Moorish Falafel Bar *licks lips*.

Thank you Ella! 

& don’t forget to check out Ella’s stunning collection at the Ella Goodwin Illustration website.

Posted by Charlotte 8:00 17/05/17

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