How to Perfect Scrapbooking in 5 Easy Steps

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Unlock Your Creativity with Scrapbooking.

We’ve all got a heap of mementoes and favourite greeting cards that remind us of special moments. But what do you do with these treasured bits & bobs? The answer is scrapbooking!

In today’s guest post greeting card designer and creative extraordinaire Lesley Stevens of Decorque Cards has kindly shared some inspirational ideas for scrapbooking; a fun outlet when you’re feeling creative. Read on for her 5-step method for perfecting the art of scrapbooking. 

So with special thanks to our super talented guest author, let me hand you over to Lesley ~ Charlotte. 

Scrapbooking: A Great Way to Display Old Cards.

Remember your teenage years, when all you needed in the way of entertainment was a scrapbook, a glue stick and a stack of pictures you’d snipped out of magazines? Well, what’s to stop you reliving one of life’s simple pleasures: a spot of time to yourself collating some old memories?

Just as adult colouring books – a new and surprising trend in relaxation – has had us all reaching for the Crayola crayons, scrapbooking will have you dusting off the old photo albums and tipping out your craft box in no time.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking time out to get creative and make something lovely you can hang onto. After all, how many of us actually keep our favourite things – photos, memories and other trinkets and treasures – if it isn’t for storing them digitally?

Thankfully, there’s a host of scrapbooking ideas to enjoy via sites like Pinterest. Everyone seems to be realising the power of time away from the computer screen – and we say collecting and displaying your old memories is the new (or rather, old!) cloud storage device. So if you’re feeling inspired, here’s how you can get started in the world of scrapbooking:

1. Start Collecting.

The very first thing you’ll need to do is keep hold of anything – no matter how small or insignificant – you think might help you when it comes to making things look pretty in your chosen scrapbook. Old greetings cards are ideal to hang onto, either to display on their own, making them the real focal point, or to cut up and use to ‘frame’ cherished photos. Ribbons from gifts and other trinkets – small pebbles, old bus tickets – anything that holds any nostalgic significance – are also perfect. Keep a box under your bed or in the back of a wardrobe and start adding to it over a few months. The ideal time to get started is following Christmas or a birthday; you’ll have some ready-made items in the form of bows, gift tags and cards that’ll be perfect scrapbook fodder.

2. Choose Your Scrapbook.

Looking to display some of your wedding cards? Or perhaps you’d like to make your old birthday greetings cards the star of your scrapbook? It all starts with a beautiful book. Try to decide on a theme; if you’re hoping to make wedding cards the focal point, think about picking something romantic and pretty in terms of theme. Likewise, if you’d like to display retro birthday cards and trinkets, choose a cool vintage scrapbook or something plain and simple, which you can easily spruce up via some quirky personal touches. Spending a bit of time selecting the right book will really spur you on when it comes to finally sorting through that box of old memories and displaying them in a way they deserve.

3. Plan Your Scrapbooking.

So, you’ve got your scrapbook and your box of nostalgic bits and bobs. Start by sitting down and carefully mapping out how you’d like to display everything. It’s no good ploughing ahead with little thought, cutting up cherished old photos before you’ve had chance to make the necessary duplicates. A little time planning how and why you’d like to set out your most sentimental pieces will ensure you end up with a finished result you’re proud of.

4. Gather Your Materials.

By now you’ll have decided how and where you’d like to place everything. Now, it’s time to set up a something of a ‘work station’ before you start on the actual cutting and sticking. Begin by clearing the dining room table and laying out all the materials you’ll need: glue, sticky tape, ribbons, bows and, of course, your old photos and memories. Ensuring everything is at hand will make the whole process smooth, stress-free, and above all, enjoyable!

5. Scrapbooking a-go go!

The necessary planning and collating is done and dusted – now the real fun begins. If you’re making the scrapbook for yourself, you have absolute free reign as far as the layout is concerned. If the scrapbook is forming part of a gift for someone else, however, think about how you’d like to lay it out before getting started. You might even want to enlist the help of a friend or relative, who might have some fun creative ideas to help you on your way.

And there you have it! Head down to your local stationers, pick out a beautiful scrapbook and grab a stick or two of glue. All you need now is a touch of creativity and you too can join the world of Pinterest-worthy scrapbookers – enjoy!

About the Author

Lesley Stevens is the founder of Decorque Cards.  Her passion for design, pattern and colour stems directly from a love of nature. A love that comes to life in her design collections, which are inspired by the colour, intensity and freshness of flora and fauna. To see more of Lesley’s work please visit the Decorque Cards website

Posted by Charlotte 12:47 25/09/15

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