How to Ditch Your New Year’s Resolutions

how to ditch your new year's resolutions

Ditch Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2 Easy Steps.

With a new year approaching here at Piccadilly Lane HQ, attention has fallen on the dreaded ‘New Year’s Resolutions’. Although they always seem like a good idea and we are in favour of making changes for the better it seems far to easy to fail at New Year’s resolutions and end up feeling rubbish.

So we’ve taken the barely radical step of ditching resolutions and going with ‘New Year Goals’. Although technically they should be called ‘2016 Goals’ as we’re not expecting or demanding any instant changes.

See, without all that immediate pressure everything feels instantly more possible. Here’s how we’re going about ditching New Year’s Resolutions and how you can too.


1. Harness the Power of a Little Time & Imagination.

We’re big fans of pondering (especially if it involves tea & cake) so first things first … give yourself time to think. What would really make a difference in your life? Don’t be too tough on yourself it’s easy to immediately pounce on something huge, but breaking something big into smaller mini goals makes it much more manageable and gives you a greater chance for success.

It’s attempting to tackle something impressive like ‘I must have a healthier lifestyle’ but if you end up never quite getting to grips with with the big stuff you can feel like a failure any time you do something mildly unhealthy. So, be imaginative, break the the big things down into manageable ‘mini goals’ … eat an extra piece of fruit a day, drink more water, eat one less cake a week … you get the idea. These will step you towards the big thing without having you live an impossibly strict lifestyle.

Caroline Gardner Pina Colada Weekly Planner

2. Get Organised

Once you have your ‘mini goals’ lined up it’s time to set yourself a ‘review time’. See how the phrase ‘deadline’ wasn’t used; the brave can use this term but we’re easing you in with no pressure phrases.

Review time lets you see how you’re getting on with your goal and most importantly gives you a chance to root out any unrealistic aims. Personally I like a 30 day stretch – endless articles and magazines will tell you that it takes 30 days to set a habit and after a little experimentation way back at the end of 2013 I can say it seemed to work. 30 days however may be too long (everyone’s different) so fit the review time to suit you and your goal.

When your review time comes take stock and see if you reached your goal and think about how you survived the process. If you were successful well done you, time to celebrate and think about what mini goal you want to tackle next.

If you didn’t quite do everything you hoped or had a hellish time don’t be hard on yourself, this simply means you were too ambitious or too tough on yourself. Give yourself another go and this time be a bit more easy-going; give yourself more time or work up to your goal in smaller steps.

With 2016 Goals it’s all about trying things out, taking small steps and recognising your achievements. You’ll feel a lot more positive and achieve more with several mini wins under your belt than you would to keep failing at something big.

Featured Images: Imagination Art Print by Coulson Macleod and Pina Colada Weekly Planner by Caroline Gardner.

Posted by Charlotte 8:00 30/12/15

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