A Look Behind the Scenes of Eloise Hall Cards

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Get a Sneak Peek at What Makes Eloise Hall Cards & Stationery Special.

For our latest ‘Inspiring Independents’ interview we caught up with Eloise, creator of the Eloise Hall cards, prints and stationery collection.

Eloise has a built a beautiful range of cards and gifts that are both elegant and meaningful. Designs of greeting cards, collage-style prints and stationery gifts that are a world away from their mass produced rivals.

Today we’re excited to take a closer look at this inspiring indie business and find out more about the Eloise Hall cards and gifts collection.

What inspired you to start your company, Eloise Hall? When did you begin?

I began designing and creating artworks almost by accident. I’d just moved house and was looking for a piece that would brighten up a wall in my hall. A butterfly landed on the window and the flash of its wings inspired me to make a collage around butterflies. Visitors to our home – I was running a bespoke millinery business from my house at the time – were soon commissioning me to make collages for their own homes, and things quickly snowballed from there. In September 2014, the greetings card and stationery range was launched at Top Drawer and I’m delighted to say that our nature collection has gone down really well.

What can you tell us about your indie business? What sets you apart from your corporate contemporaries?

Eloise Hall is run from a studio in Somerset and I’m passionate about producing beautiful products. There is a huge amount of care and detail that goes in to everything we make. We also pride ourselves on very good relationships with both our clients and our suppliers.

What’s your role in the business? What’s your favourite things about your job / running an indie business?

My role is founder and creative director. I love the variety this role brings, one moment I might be snipping pieces of beautiful chiogami paper creating a new design and then the next I could be talking to the important buyer before being interrupted by my three children bouncing in from school!

Are there other people in your business? What can you tell us about the rest of the team?

It’s small and perfectly formed here at Eloise Hall! I work with a wonderful team of sales agents around the country and I also have a fantastic fulfilment house who are way better at putting the right number of cards in the orders than I ever was! Rebecca sorts out the accounting, invoices and numbers and we’re currently recruiting for a Marketing Manager to help with some exciting plans for 2016.

Here at Piccadilly Lane, we believe that independents offer an amazing combination of unique design and high quality. Do you agree? How do you ensure this happens at Eloise Hall?

I’m passionate about producing beautiful products. The original artworks may take days to create and the care and attention with this makes a real difference to the end result. Having always been a stationery lover, the touch and feel of every element of the product is hugely important, hence high quality paper is used throughout our range, even inside our notebooks!

Your recently exhibited at the Top Drawer show in London. Can you tell us about that? What was the reaction to your designs?

Top Drawer was a fantastic show for Eloise Hall. Unlike other exhibitors who use a standard set up, our stand is an installation based on nature with branches for shelves and the cards are displayed on two large silver birch trees. Nature is brought to life at the show. It takes hours to put together but its definitely worth it in order to stand out! The new designs were very well received and we’re really exciting to now be working with the Papyrus, a large chain in the USA.

You currently specialise in nature-inspired designs. What inspires you about this theme?

Nature is a wonderful sanctuary from the bustle of everyday life. Down here is Somerset, my studio is surrounded by fields and flowers and I love to watch how they change with the seasons. I’m also interested in the symbolic meaning behind each species, for example Koi Carp for fortune, two butterflies for love, butterflies in general for renewal and rebirth and dragonflies for living for the moment.

You designs incorporate beautiful, elegant collages, which are very unique. What can you tell us about what inspired the style used on Eloise Hall cards and gifts?

As part of my millinery studies, I undertook a fashion illustration course and the style of my work is inspired by a technique studied on this course. I’m influenced by huge array of artists, I particularly admire Matisse and also the paper cutter Rob Ryan. Other sources include floristry, gardens, botanical drawings and a life long fascination with the East.

Eloise Hall cards and prints use high quality papers and bright, colourful decoration. What can you tell us about the materials and craftsmanship involved in creating the range?

The finished product is extremely important and it must feel wonderful to receive or use. There’s a lot of time and energy on every element to make sure the end result is great. Whether it is the shade of cream for the paper, the size of the butterfly on a particular design or even the colour of the barcode, it has all been highly considered! We use luxury stock from one of the top quality paper mills in the UK for every element of our products including our envelopes.

Why should people shop with you? What makes you different?

I design my products to be beautiful and also to have a hidden meaning. The meaning is subtly displayed on the products with written explanations. Much of my inspiration comes from Eastern traditions. My aim is for you to appreciate them in layers, as lovely to look at or because of the meanings, or for both. For example, Koi Carp for good luck or Dragonflies for living for the moment.

We LOVE independents and think more people should be supporting them. Why do you think people should shop with independent businesses like yours?

Independents are the lifeblood of the UK. They provide an amazing array of individual and enticing products that we should be celebrating, enjoying and using. Britain’s small businesses are a creative and talented bunch, in fact we lead the world in terms of card design so lets be proud!

Last but not least, what’s your favourite independent business and why?

Sipsmith, London’s first distillery for nearly 200 years. Its my husband’s business so I’m biased but the gin is pretty good!

Thank You Eloise.

Now you’ve read the interview, take a look at the Eloise Hall cards and gifts featured here in the Piccadilly Lane directory.

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