Quick & Easy Ideas for Alternative Christmas Stockings

alternative christmas stockings

Think Differently With Alternative Christmas Stockings.

For those of you who like to think out of the box at Christmas time we’ve been looking at ideas for alternative Christmas stockings. Tins, totes and pouches that are amazing gifts in their own right but can also be filled with a few extra surprise gifts to delight your friends and family on Christmas morning.

Unlike traditional sacks and stockings, which people will know are pre-filled, choosing an alternative Christmas stocking is a great way to catch your friends and family off guard. A place to hide bonus stocking filler gifts that they won’t be expecting.

These 3 picks are the ultimate non-stocking. Gift in their own right but easily filled for the a bonus Yuletide surprise.


Keepsake Tins



Our first alternative Christmas stocking choice is a Keepsake tin. Taken from Peel and Sardine’s new ‘Pretty Wild’ range it features a bright, bold design of birds, butterflies and blooms. Keepsake tins make a versatile option for alternative Christmas stockings. Each tin is a lovely large size, which means they’re ideal for a number of small gifts. Plus they’re a great place to store treasured mementoes once the festive season has passed.

Keepsake tin from Peel and Sardine.


A Tote Bag


With its sweet animal illustrations we love this cool, stylish shopping bag on its own, but how amazing would it be to fill it with a few mini gifts? A tote bag is easily fill-able (probably not a word) with books, chocolate coins and a variety of mini gifts that will appeal to your gift recipient.

Collective Noun Tote Bag from Perkins & Morley.


A Pouch or Washbag

geometric prints make up bag

This stylish travel pouch with its sharp geometric print is perfect for hiding make up or perfume gifts. Ideal for glamorous girls, not only will they have a super stylish bag for home or on the go; they’ll also adore devouring any goodies you hide in side. If you’re planning on surprising a special someone with a trip you could even hide tickets or travel money inside.

Geometric Travel Pouch by Laura Felicity Design.


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