5 Unique Indie Websites for the Best Easter Eggs

The Top Indies for Unique Easter Eggs & Choc Treats.

With Easter 2016 just around the corner we wanted to share a few of our favourite chocolate-making independents. Purveyors of the finest Easter eggs and a lot more chocolatey goodness.

While we can’t resist a few alternative Easter gifts, they’re always made that little bit more special if they’re joined by an Easter egg or two.

So with this in mind we’ve rounded up 5 great companies that bring their unique sense of humour, love of quality ingredients and artisan chocolate-making skills to a delightful collection of Easter eggs and chocolate treats.

So without further ado, let’s see the Easter eggs and chocolate goodies!

1. Creighton’s Chocolaterie

easter chocolate - creighton's chocolaterie

Creighton’s Chocolaterie is mother and daughter team, Lucy and Andrea Huntington. The pair started their company in 2010 with the just learned knowledge of an Italian confectioner, a marble slab and a handful of moustache-shaped chocolate moulds.

Named after Great Granny Creighton, they opened their first chocolaterie in the small town of Leighton Buzzard in Spring 2011. Aiming to put fun & individuality back into chocolate the company has flourished. Maintaining their handmade, artisan approach, the product range has grown. The first moustache-shaped lollies has been joined by quirky lollipops, edible gifts & fine boxed chocolates. Believing chocolate should never be boring Creighton’s Chocolaterie has some amazing Easter eggs, designed with humour, fun and tasty chocolate.


2. Lily O’Brien’s Chocolates

easter chocolates - lily o briens

Lily O’Brien’s Chocolates started life as the brainchild of Mary Ann O’Brien. Having recovered from a debilitating illness in the early 1990’s, Mary Ann discovered her true passion for all things chocolate. First Mary Ann honed her chocolate-making skills among world class chefs and chocolatiers in South Africa and Europe. From there she launched her own business, starting in her Kildare kitchen in 1992. With little more than two saucepans, a wooden spoon and her then toddler, Lily, Mary Ann began to create high quality chocolate recipes for friends and family. Soon a company was born (named after Mary Ann’s daughter Lily) with an aim to add Irish chocolate to the world map. Since then Lily O’Brien’s has grown to become one of Ireland’s best-loved chocolatiers.


3. James Chocolates

easter chocolate james chocolates

James Hutchins (founder of James Chocolates) began making chocolate by hand in 1995. Working in a Bristol delicatessen, he became fascinated by the exotic ingredients and different flavour combinations that lined the shelves. With a background in science, James began experimenting in his kitchen; channeling his new-found foodie knowledge and enthusiasm into his love of great chocolate. 20 years on, James is still at the heart of the business, providing the vision and creativity of all chocolate development. With a sense of fun and love of distinctive flavour combinations James Chocolates is a great place to seek out unique Easter Egg-themed finds, such as the fabulous fried egg lolly.


4. Chocolate Company

best websites for easter eggs - chocolate company

The Chocolate Company specialise in “cooking” with chocolate. Creating endless flavour recipes that are unique and different to their chocolate contemporaries. Aiming to avoid anything artificial, flavours come from real fruits, nuts and spices. Already over 10 years old the Chocolate Company started from a small kitchen shop in Aachen, Germany where they made delicious hot chocolate. Their simple, homemade recipe made more special with their unique flavour combinations. Soon the Chocolate Company turned their homemade hot chocolate into the ‘Hotchocspoon’, a chunky piece of delicious chocolate you stir into your hot milk. The design was adored by a huge number of people and the Chocolate Company grew and grew.


5. Choc on Choc

best websites for easter eggs - choc on choc

The Choc on Choc story started 10 years ago in a small barn in the village of Rode near Bath. Father and daughter team Kerr Dunlop and Flo Broughton used a rubber mould shaped as noughts and crosses to create delicious chocolate treats for friends and family. Soon that initial gift idea became a business plan and Choc on Choc was born. Today this true British brand create a unique range of handmade chocolate. Superb, high quality chocolates crafted from the finest Belgian chocolate. Look out for unique Easter designs including words, bunnies and egg-shaped chocolates.

& don’t forget your Easter Cards too! 

Easter cards are a quick and simple way to reach out to your friends and family over the holiday weekend. We love this delightful ‘Easter Bunny’ Bubbles card from Kali Stileman. The unique blank bubble means you can add any message you want.

don't forget easter cards to go with your easter eggs - easter bunny greeting card

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