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How to Find Out Your Valentine’s Personality?

Love it or Hate It, There’s a Valentine’s Message for Every Personality.

It’s not always easy to find the right Valentine’s Day card or gift.

You might not be a fan of the whole Valentine’s thing or you may just have no idea what you want to say.

There’s so much choice out there that it can be a little overwhelming. Get it right and you’ll have a fun day, get it wrong and you could make your favourite person miserable.

Having seen our face share of Valentine’s Day cards and gifts we think the job of choosing becomes a little easier when you consider your Valentine’s personality.

valentine's card for every personality - straightforward love by always aprkle

You’re a Direct Valentine.

No umm-ing and arh-ing with you. You know what you want and you’re not afraid to show people you care. For the direct Valentine you want a simple message of love. Look out for word-based cards that shout it loud and clear. We like this typographic ‘I Love You’ card from Always Sparkle.



valentine's card for every personality - cute by love from lemonade

You’re a Cute Valentine.

There’s no hiding it, you’re all about the cute. For you Valentine’s Day is at it’s best when it’s brimming with the cute and fluffy. Look out for soft toys, hearts and the cutest of cute cards. We recommend the delightful designs of Love from Lemonade, especially this cute ‘You’re My Rock’ bunny card.


funny valentine card by caroline gardner

You’re a Funny Valentine.

You don’t take life too seriously and Valentine’s Day is no exception. You want to bring a little joy to your loved ones and take them away from the stresses of every day. Look out for smart, funny cards with cool illustrations and cheeky sentiments. We like this ‘I Fancy the Pants Off You’ card by Caroline Gardner.


retro valentine card by pennychoo

You’re A Retro Valentine.

An oldie’s a goodie in the retro-loving world. You’re a sharp and dapper suitor and you appreciate a little style and sophistication from yesteryear. When woo-ing the one you love look out for designs with vintage inspiration. With its 1940’s / 50’s matchbook style we love this ‘You Really Pop My Corn’ Valentine Card from Pennychoo.


hedgehog valentine card liz and pipYou’re a Modern Valentine.

A fan of all things modern, you need a Valentine message that shares the love but doesn’t conflict with your contemporary outlook. Look out for sleek boards, hand-written style text and clean, elegant design. For the modern fans we’d pick this cool ‘Love Hog’ design by Liz and Pip.

glamorous card by five dollar shake

You’re a Glamorous Valentine.

You’ve got the champagne on order and the candles ready to be lighted. For you Valentine’s Day is an occasion to be celebrated in style. The glamorous Valentine personality should look out for cards with textured backdrops and handmade touches such as gems, bows and glitter. We recommend a luxury valentine card from Five Dollar Shake.

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