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3 of the Best Mother’s Day Cards for Vintage Lovers

Discover The Mother’s Day Card for Vintage Lovers.

If you’re looking for the best mother’s day cards for vintage lovers you’ve come to the right place!

We’re sharing a closer look at a trio of cool, vintage-inspired cards from the delightful Pennychoo. Home of retro-flavoured doses of design. Quite simply Pennychoo is all about cards that say “I care” not just “I remembered”.

So without further ado let’s take a look at some stunningly distinctive greetings card for mum.


Floradeco Card for Mum


Floradeco Mother's Day Card from Pennychoo

With central floral motif you can make your mum feel special with this thoughtful and elegant ‘For You Mum’ card.

Fresh from the best-selling ‘Floradeco’ card collection, the rich inspiration of the design will be a thrill for vintage-loving mum’s everywhere.

Can you spot the design inspiration? Here’s the list!

~ Art deco elegance
~ Russian folk art charm
~ A touch of Clarice Cliff-inspired button roses and poached egg pansies
~ Geometric styling courtesy of The Bloomsbury Group

The result is a greeting card that is guaranteed to please those with a love of vintage that like to stand out from the crowd.


Matchbook Card for Mother


best mother's day cards for vintage lovers

Another best selling greeting card range, this time taking inspiration from the blobby, mis-registered and strikingly simple ads of 1940’s and 1950’s American matchbooks.

The design features a smart, trim-looking 1940’s mother, who’s practically perfect in every way. Unlike every other dull card on the market, these cards are unique, just like every perfect mum.


Fairground Card for Mother

best mother's day cards for vintage lovers

Our last touch of vintage glamour comes courtesy of the great British seaside holiday.

“Take a trip to the end of the pier where a Bryl-creemed young buck is getting his first bit of ink. The seagulls screech over the waves outside while inside, the tattooist’s needle hums through a fog of Woodbine smoke and steamy tea.”

Inspired by Graham Greene’s ‘Brighton Rock’  the ‘Fairground’ card collection gives a soft, feminine treatment to old school 1950’s tattoos.

A perfect way to make Mum smile on Mother’s Day this card has rock ‘n’ roll style and glamour without the lasting damage of a real tattoo!

All of the cards featured are printed on a high quality 350gsm heavyweight board that is FSC certified and matched with a crisp envelope.

Another bonus for shopping with Pennychoo? A FREE postcard with every purchase. Keep it as a mini work of art for your good self or send it to you favourite retro design fan.

Have we converted you to loving vintage-inspired design? Explore more Pennychoo vintage and retro-inspired greetings cards in the Piccadilly Lane directory.

& if you’re really ready to embrace the vintage life don’t miss Pennychoo founder Sue Lee sharing her pick of the Best Indie shops.

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